Paul's TV was assigned by Best Buy (Geek Squad) to repair my Samsung 55" LCD TV under an extended warranty.They picked up the TV from the house on October 6, 2014 and said to call the shop if we didn't get a call by the 8th.

Called and they said that the problem was with the panel and they had submitted the estimate and parts request to Best Buy for approval. Called a few days later, got a different person and they had no idea that the TV was even there. found the record and said that Best Buy hadn't responded and they resubmitted. Few more days go buy different person takes 10 minutes to find paperwork on the TV.

Again no response from Best Buy. Then I called Geek Squad. they said that they could find no record of any estimate or parts request from Pauls TV. After bringing the Best Buy rep up to speed on the situation they said that it was completely unacceptable and they were going to escalate the issue to their level 1 dept for special cases.

(In a situation where all is going wrong with a repair they will assign a rep to track it specifically so the customer doesn't have to deal with the repair company.) Also, at the point where Paul's said they were ordering the panel they said that they weren't able to recreate the problem but it sounded by the way we described it that it was most likely the panel. They said we should have provided pictures or video of the problem. We had given a CD with pictures and video of the problem to the guys who picked it up and no one could find it. Next day Best Buy calls and said that they approved the panel on their end having received nothing from Paul's TV.

They said that it should be there by Friday October, 24. Friday the 24th rolls around and Best Buy calls saying that Paul's TV called them and said that the panel came in and that the TV was fixed and that we should get called with the delivery day and time. Friday, Saturday, Sunday go by no call. My wife calls Monday morning at 8 and asks when they were going to deliver the TV and they say between 1 and 3.

Now at this time I'm at work and my wife is at home. they deliver the TV, reconnect it and turn it on. seems to be working. They leave.

I get home, see the TV and don't think it's the TV that left the house 3 weeks ago because it was so dirty. It was covered in so much dust and the panel that they said they replaced was covered in grease and smear marks and fingerprints. Also, when they put the TV on the stand it wasn't centered. I asked my wife to help me by picking up one side so we could center it on the stand.

We move it and when we let the TV go it starts wobbling on the pedestal. Then a piece of plastic and silicone adhesive fall out of the bottom of the TV pedestal mount. I look at my wife and say what the F!#$. They broke the stand.

We take the TV off the stand and I remove the pedestal insert and found that they had at some point broken the stand and tried to fix it by slopping it up with silicone adhesive and shoving it back into the bottom of the TV. See pictures. At this time I have a claim in with Best Buy's claims management company (3rd party). we'll see what happens with this but I'm not holding my breath.

The point of this is not to bash Best Buy.

They were phenomenal during the entire process while dealing with these idiots.The take away from this is that if you want a company that will take your TV, take forever to figure out the problem, not order parts for 2 weeks, employ people that have no idea what is going on and no communication skills, break the TV and try to cover it up with a half *** repair, not tell you about it, and bring your TV back looking like it was stored outside in an alley for the duration of the time it was in their custody call Paul's TV.

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the owner of pauls tv is a racist and rips people off charges them twice what it would cost to have a tv or appliance fixedsomewhere else he charges people 50% more for apart then anormal repair shop would charge and gets FREE appliances from rentacenter and fixes them now they are used and charges customers what it would cost for a new appliance and Gary Paul who is the owner calls himself a christian idont think so he also charges customers for shipping even when the part is in the store if thats not a rip OFF so dont go there

Westerly, Rhode Island, United States #1192422

I have had an eerily similar experience....these people should NOT be in business.

I wish I had seen this review beforehand.I smelled a rat early and avoided them....

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